In order to guarantee the smooth set-up and operation of any event, site plans and venue drawings are a must.

The larger the event, the more crucial it be comes to have accurate maps and layouts that are drawn to scale and show a clear representation of the venue at hand. Anyone who has spent time working large events knows all to well the troubles that can occur do to improper set-up of a venue by staff and volunteers.

To help combat this problem, International Cycling can produce for your event, 3D Virtutal Venue mock ups of your site.

Not only are 3D Virtual Venue Designs an excelent way to go over a site with your crew, they are an extremly effective marketing tool which can be used to show that "key sponsor" just have much exposure that investment in your event can bring them.

click here for an example of a basic site fly through. these can be done as"photo realistic" , as "line drawings", or anywhere in between.

click here to see the 2D snap shot (birds eye view)